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Hunter Goatley here. I'm now maintaining Ray's site. Hopefully, we'll keep this page updated regularly.


A new e-book edition of Ray's classic novel, Live Girls, is now available. To get a copy of his take on vampires, go to Amazon.


Ray's novel The New Neighbor is available for just $1.99 today. To get your copy, go to Amazon.


Check out this recent interview Ray did with Joan De LaHaye.


A few recent entries on my blog have been publishe.


Tonight, Ray will be appearing on the Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live internet show. The show starts at 8 pm EST, 5 pm Pacific. To tune in, go here.


A 2-for-1 on St. Patrick's Day:

Ray is entering the self-publishing world with a re-release of his hard-to-find novella, Vortex. Initially, released in 2008 by Cemetery Dance, this limited edition novella is now available on Amazon for $2.99

To coincide with his release of Vortex, Ray has put up a new blog post... a behind the scenes look at the genesis of the novella, Vortex.


Ray has a new story, "Burning Leaves on an Autumn Day", coming up in the anthology, Peeling Back the Skin, available from Gray Matter Press on June 7th, 2016.


A re-release of Turn Down the Lights, from Cemetery Dance has just been released again with an update that contains a brand new bonus story by Kealan Patrick Burke and another by Ray, "Between 8 and 9 O'Clock"


A new anthology was recently released by JSunni Productions. Dark Fantastique contains the story "Lizard Man Dispatches" and it's become a personal favorite of Ray's that he has written.


Ray has a new collection now available from Borderlands Press. A Little Gray Book of Grim Tales contains the stories "Cat Lover", "Autophagy", "The Guy Down The Street" and "Sammy Comes Home."

Two new anthologies are now available: X-Files: Trust No One contains Ray's story "Paranormal Quest" and The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1 - 5 contains the story "The Happiness Toy."


- Ray has two new short stories, "Emily's Last Session" which appears in the new issue of the Dark Discoveriesmagazine and "The Mouth" which appears in the upcoming anthology, Eulogies 3.


- Ray has a new blog post up regarding a recent harrowing event he experienced.


- Ray did a Skype interview with Night Fright, a show out of Canada.


- Malina Roos interviewed Ray for her Men in Horror column.