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On June 9, 2020, Ray posted this on Facebook:

I've just signed a contract with Barry Hoffman's Gauntlet Press to publish both Ravenous and Bestial as limited edition hardcovers. As if that news weren't good enough, the cover art for both books will be done by Harry O. Morris, who's nothing short of a genius in my opinion. Harry has been one of the premiere artists working in the horror field for decades and I'm terribly excited about this.

Ravenous will be released in 2021 (pre-orders won't be accepted until next year), and Bestial in 2022. As a publisher, Barry Hoffman has been doing beautiful work for a long time, and I'm thrilled to be working with him on these books.


Hunter Goatley here. I'm now maintaining Ray's site. Hopefully, we'll keep this page updated regularly.


A new e-book edition of Ray's classic novel, Live Girls, is now available. To get a copy of his take on vampires, go to Amazon.


Ray's novel The New Neighbor is available for just $1.99 today. To get your copy, go to Amazon.


Check out this recent interview Ray did with Joan De LaHaye.


A few recent entries on my blog have been publishe.


Tonight, Ray will be appearing on the Thorne & Cross: Haunted Nights Live internet show. The show starts at 8 pm EST, 5 pm Pacific. To tune in, go here.


A 2-for-1 on St. Patrick's Day:

Ray is entering the self-publishing world with a re-release of his hard-to-find novella, Vortex. Initially, released in 2008 by Cemetery Dance, this limited edition novella is now available on Amazon for $2.99

To coincide with his release of Vortex, Ray has put up a new blog post... a behind the scenes look at the genesis of the novella, Vortex.


Ray has a new story, "Burning Leaves on an Autumn Day", coming up in the anthology, Peeling Back the Skin, available from Gray Matter Press on June 7th, 2016.


A re-release of Turn Down the Lights, from Cemetery Dance has just been released again with an update that contains a brand new bonus story by Kealan Patrick Burke and another by Ray, "Between 8 and 9 O'Clock"


A new anthology was recently released by JSunni Productions. Dark Fantastique contains the story "Lizard Man Dispatches" and it's become a personal favorite of Ray's that he has written.


Ray has a new collection now available from Borderlands Press. A Little Gray Book of Grim Tales contains the stories "Cat Lover", "Autophagy", "The Guy Down The Street" and "Sammy Comes Home."

Two new anthologies are now available: X-Files: Trust No One contains Ray's story "Paranormal Quest" and The Best of Horror Library: Volumes 1 - 5 contains the story "The Happiness Toy."


- Ray has two new short stories, "Emily's Last Session" which appears in the new issue of the Dark Discoveriesmagazine and "The Mouth" which appears in the upcoming anthology, Eulogies 3.


- Ray has a new blog post up regarding a recent harrowing event he experienced.


- Ray did a Skype interview with Night Fright, a show out of Canada.


- Malina Roos interviewed Ray for her Men in Horror column.